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My name is Gayla D'Hollosy and I am the essence of a true southern girl with a dream to make a difference in my city.  I love the south and I love small towns where you know everyone and throw up your hand at everyone you see.  I never meet a stranger and I love that.  People are what make me tick.  So what does my family look like? I am married to David, now 34 years, and have three incredible kids, Zach, Chase, and Maddie who are all now in college or graduating – almost an empty nester.  Oh, and I must not forget my one grand puppy, Tex.  He makes my heart sing. I never knew I could love an animal

so much.



So what is my story?  My career started in banking but was short lived as I am not a numbers person, definitely not my forte.  I then moved to the legal field where I worked in management and as a paralegal for 20+ years and gained a strong professional background.  Then in 2011, I made a complete career change and went into marketing and public relations for an assisted living community close to my home.  I never dreamed what I would learn and how my life would unfold through this one move.  I began to see differently, I fell in love with people, my heart for leadership began to overtake me and a seed within me began to grow.

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